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Alpacas, become a member of NFP

Which one of you is mine? …or did I just have triplets????

[New memberships have been paused as of March 2020.]

Are you a natural fiber producer?  Do you raise Sheep, Alpaca, Angora, Buffalo, Musk Ox, Mohair?  Do you have a plan for your harvest of fiber? Become a member of NFP!   As a grower, you own your fiber through the pipeline paying a reduced processing cost.  Join us and participate in lower commercial pricing for your processing. Get products back from your fiber!  Our goal is to increase the opportunity for U.S. natural fiber farm members to achieve sustainability and enhanced profitability through access to commercial processing. Join us!

Becoming a member of NFP is easy!

Just follow these easy steps and feel free to contact us if you need assistance contact us via email at

Understand our Fiber Pipeline – Farm to Product

Read our introduction as well as the following documents:

Membership Agreement [2020]
Membership Application [2020]

Step 1:
Return the completed Membership Application


Pay via PayPal – send to

Step 2:
Make arrangements to have your fiber sorted by an SGC sorter/grader or you can contact for an apprentice near you.

Step 3:
Ship your fiber with a completed  Inventory Sheet.  Be sure to list every bag sent to the Regional Collection Facility.   Feel free to set up a FedEx account and link it to the NFP corporate account to take advantage of shipping discounts. Contact Jody Hezoucky to link.

You’ve finished and are officially an NFP member!