Why Certified Sorting?

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Shearing day represents our members’ annual harvest. Before fiber may be submitted to NFP, a certified sorter, trained by Certified Sorted Systems®, must sort each fleece. Certified Sorting is a process by which fleeces are sorted to standardized grades by color, staple length and fiber diameter.  Sorting results in a more uniform raw fiber which increases the longevity, wearability, and overall yield for the fiber. Fiber may be sorted into 10 different grades including a distinction for “hairy” fleeces.

sorting1Certified Sorting uses all the fiber which increases profitability for NFP members, regardless of the size of their farm. Furthermore, Certified Sorting results in a higher quality end-product which strengthens consumer perception for natural fibers and yarns. Higher demand for natural fiber products ensures a sustainable future for natural fiber producers. Certified Sorting is the first step in NFP’s quality control.