Get More Out of Your Fiber

As a valuable resource for the natural fiber industry, the Natural Fiber Producers co-op (NFP) has expanded its offerings to include dehairing of dual and triple coated fibers.  The NFP Cormatex machine came online in 2015 and is now centrally located in the Midwest. It is the only commercial-scale dehairing machine in the United States. Now you no longer have to ship your raw fiber overseas to get high quality dehairing services.

Our dehairing process separates the coarser fibers from the more skin-friendly, finer fibers. And one of the key benefits of the Cormatex dehairing is that ONE pass yields up to 4 different levels of marketable fiber. Whereas, a small-scale fiber separator only produces 2 levels of fiber.

And, it is really fast!  A typical small-scale fiber separator processes up to 30 lbs of fiber per day. Our dehairing machine will process 30 lbs per HOUR! Therefore, the higher yield at a faster rate makes it more cost effective for large volume dehairing needs.

With one pass through the NFP Co-op dehairing machine, a fleece with widely varying microns can be separated into 4 usable fiber groupings:

Prime: the highest quality from your fleece, ‘cashmere’ quality,  0.2% bold fibers remaining

Drop A: the primary fibers in your fleece determine the quality of this 2nd level

Drop B: felt quality fiber

Drop C: industrial/agricultural quality fiber

The amount of each ‘drop’ of separated fiber depends on the original mix of fibers sent through processing.

We have processed Buffalo, Cashmere, Wool, Alpaca, Llama, Angora, Yak and Qiviet.

Contact us to find out how dehairing can give you more useable fiber.

Contact: Valerie Morris, phone: 573-830-0050

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